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Helpful Hints During Cold and Flu Season!

With cold and flu season approaching, Steele Chiropractic has eight helpful hints to keep you and family healthy.   Get ADJUSTED!!!!! Adjustments to specific segments of the neck and back can help boost the immune system, help with drainage, and ease cough, congestion, and stomach…

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How to Choose Vitamins that Work

With the growing number of choices for vitamins and supplements, it can be hard to decide what to buy.¬† Here are some tips to make sure you are getting a good quality product and what we look for in the brands and products we carry…

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Fish Oil and ADHD

A study done at the University of Adelaide in Australia found when 130 children ages 7-12 with ADHD were given fish oil capsules daily, behavior dramatically improved within 3 months. Further investigation showed: After 7 months, the children were not as restless and showed improvements…

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