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Steele Chiropractic Racing Team

I have been racing mountain bikes since 2003. Over the years I have raced on other teams, but there was never a focus on nutrition and health – just racing results. But the two truly go hand in hand. So I decided to start my own team that is founded on the following 3 principals: nutrition, healthy lifestyle and personal goals (athletically as well as physically). Each athlete on this team that is focused on these principals has seen a direct impact on their personal success as an athlete. We have a great age range of athletes but everyone is dedicated to being healthy.  We have seen a rise in podium appearances when these three things are aligned and focused upon.

We as a team thus far we have accomplished more podiums in a single season than most teams triple and quadruple our size…as well as athletes 10-20 years younger. We take great pride in maintaining a positive mindset and racing well. We promote a healthy lifestyle and focus on maintaining an active lifestyle as we all get a bit older every year.

Steele Performance Team

Kelly Skinkis, Marcus Steele, Andy Wegner, Eric Johnson, Steve Davidson

My Personal Story

In the last few years I personally have been focused on endurance bike races of 100-200 miles. I especially enjoy the winter ultra-events. The ultra-events are especially challenging.  I enjoy the all-encompassing challenge these races present.  Nutrition, endurance threshold, gear, as well as a positive and focused mindset all have to be in perfect sync to finish and do well in these events.

I am 46 years old and have been able to compete with high level athletes that are 10-20 years younger than me. I still am amazed by how well the body can perform with proper nutrition, physical discipline and an overall healthy lifestyle.

My Greatest Accomplishment Thus Far

Order of Hrimthurs 2017—The Order of the Hrimthurs:

‘From the northern land of cold, ice and darkness come Hrimthurs (Old Norse “rime thurs”); a tribe of powerful Frost Giants. Strength, cunning and resilience are the way of the mighty Hrimthurs.’

Among us today, the spirit of the Frost Giants lives on. Winter ultra racers show perseverance and power of a legendary scale. On those who complete the Tuscobia Winter Ultra (160 Mile),  Arrowhead 135 and Actif Epica 200 in one season, we will confer The Order of the Hrimthurs.

The names in the Order will pass into the realm of legends, a process acknowledged with a special ceremony and award. Membership in this small but powerful tribe is a lifetime honor bestowed on incredibly few.’