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Steele Performance Nutrition totally helped me regain my championship status after a debilitating illness. Dr. Marcus Steele’s nutritional knowledge is incredible. I would recommend Steele Performance Nutrition to anyone from beginner to professional.

There are no other words I can use to describe the difference that Dr. Steele has made in my life. 2-1/2 years of going to doctors with test after test being ordered and in the end they would all recommend putting me on pain meds because they ‘couldn’t figure out what’s going on’, but they knew how to control the pain.

Thanks to a training partner for mine who recommended Dr. Steele, within a  month after our meeting and doing everything Dr. Steele requested of me, my life was finally turning around. I went from not being able to run even a few miles without serious digestive issues and ending up in very bad pain, to being able to begin living a normal life.

I has been 3 years since I started working with Dr. Steele, and I have completed 2 marathons, qualified for nationals in USAT Triathlon, and worked out regularly again. All things I could not have down without his help. Plus, I eat better than ever before and feel FANTASTIC! To say ‘Thank You’ is truly not enough.

Thank you Dr. Steele!

I’ve been a cyclist since I was very young. The majority of my early riding was on the road and evolved tremendously over time. I, like most everyone else, rode for fun and to challenge myself. Over the years I rode longer distance at a much harder pace moving from 50 to 100 to 150 and higher for mileage in a single ride. It was always difficult, I always had a hard time breathing and felt extremely fatigued. Over a span of 20 years I saw numerous clinical doctors that gave me various diagnoses for breathing to include medication. I was initially happy to have an answer, but was always disappointed in the end because it just didn’t work. The results were so bad that there were years I had so much difficultly that I hung my bike up in July for the year. It was very frustrating.

I transitioned over to mountain biking when I was 42 years old. It was a challenge in many ways, but the greatest challenge was the increased intensity with shorter duration. As I challenged myself to improve from a mid-pack race finisher to a race winner, the symptoms got progressively worse.

Finally, Marcus Steele pulled me aside and asked me what the problem was. This was the first time I was listened to about my breathing problems. He didn’t give me the five-minute solution, he took a week to research and then came to me with a “whacked-out” solution: change by diet. He walked me thru what I needed to do and was very understanding for life’s changes.

I went all in with his well-planned out and clear, albeit non-mainstream, solution. The results after two weeks in a nutshell: I lost 15 lbs and I thought I was at race weight prior to starting, I no longer had headaches that I’d had all my life. A clear mind with no headaches took a daily weight off of me. The race results improved too. I trained less, recovered faster, and was able to ride stronger longer because of the improved ability to breath. All from a diet change!

6 years into this lifestyle and I’m still going strong. I’ve had my ups and downs, but with Marc’s supports and diet supplement tweaks, I’ve been able to podium on multiple 12 hour and 24 hour mountain bike races. The best part, while it’s nice, it’s not necessarily about the races. By far my quality of life has improved beyond my expectations. I often wonder how my life would have been different if I had met Marc sooner.